Mercy Manley

Candidate for AD23

Mercy holds staunch libertarian values of peace, individual sovereignty and responsibility, and private property. She’s an experienced veterinary technician with a background in hospitality, which has put her in contact with some of the regulatory mazes that exist in our state. She knows firsthand how important deregulation is to expanding opportunities for small business owners and sole-proprietors. As a parent, she’s passionate about fixing our broken education system through ESA’s and school choice. She’ll bring common-sense and unstoppable energy to our legislature!


Parents should have the right to choose the program that best suits the needs of their child, instead of being forced into a school based on its geographical proximity.


Remove impediments that prevent people from providing for their family. Shrink the regulatory burden on Nevadans to help our economy grow.


Our current system benefits big insurance companies, not us. Bring competition into the market to lower prices and improve the quality of healthcare.

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The Libertarian Party of Nevada is the fastest-growing political party in Nevada. We fight for more freedom and choice, and less government for all Nevadans. We believe people should be allowed to live as they choose so long as they do not initiate violence or engage in coercion, theft, or fraud. We are the official state affiliate of the National Libertarian Party.

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